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17674 Dynomax Super Turbo Muffler

SKU 1128259

DynoMax ® Super Turbo ™ performance mufflers exclusive flow director design channels exhaust flow and eliminates turbulence on most applications. The large internal flow tubes improve exhaust flow and reduce backpressure. Each muffler uses fiberglass matting technology to absorb unwanted interior resonance while maintaining a mellow performance tone. 
  • Oval Dynomax Universal Super Turbo Muffler
  • Type: High Performance
  • Material: Steel with an aluminized finish
  • Muffler Inlet Configuration: Centered
  • Muffler Inlet Connection Type: Pipe Connection
  • Muffler Inlet Count: 1
  • Muffler Inlet Diameter: 3" (7.62 cm) I.D.
  • Muffler Outlet Configuration: Offset
  • Muffler Outlet Connection Type: Pipe Connection
  • Muffler Outlet Count: 2
  • Muffler Outlet Diameter: 2.5" (6.35 cm) I.D.
  • Muffler Dimensions: 13" L x 9.75" W x 4.25" H (33 x 24.7 x 10.8 cm)
  • Muffler Reversible: No

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